How to Feed your manhood for great performance

Imagine your penis as an island and your body as the mainland or hinterland.

The island usually gets all its supplies from the mainland and should anything goes wrong with the mainland, your little island feels the strain straight away. This is a fascinating analogy that is worth remembering.

Remember,your penis gets all its nutrients and blood supply from your body, hence it can be considered as a sensitive indicator of your overall health because it contains lots of tiny blood vessels and nerves that carry messages from and to the brain. So should anything happen to your health, it will most likely be reflected in your penis’s performance, namely, its hardness, first.

Thus a soft penis is a sure sign of danger!

That’s why it is so important that as a man, you must have good erectile strength, never mind your age.

There are foods and herbs that if consumed rightly will supply your manhood with the right and adequate vital nutrients that will boost your erection.

There are also those that you need to abstain from if you wish to maintain good erection.

The foods to embrace include but not limited to…

1. Oysters

Oysters are an effective aphrodisiac food because of its high level of zinc which is known to help produce sperm, increase testosterone and libido in men. They are believed to keep a man sexually active well into old age. The aroma of oysters is similar to that of the female pheromone and has been proven to be sexually arousing… not to mention that its shape resembles that of the female vulva.


Honey contains several B vitamins & other minerals which are essential for producing testosterone, the male sex hormones. Studies show that the mineral boron in honey can also enhance testosterone levels in the blood – as we all know testosterone is responsible for sex drive and orgasm in men.


The banana’s phallic shape sometimes overshadows the fact that this tasty fruit is filled with B vitamins, potassium and magnesium. You can turbo charge your libido can with bananas because of the chelating minerals and bromeliad enzymes that are found in them too.


The aromatic smell of Basil alone is believed to be an aphrodisiac. The taste is also known to stimulate sexual desire and make your heart race. Some even believe that basil bears resemblance to the female sexual organ.

The one to avoid are…

1. Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking causes damage to your arteries which in turn increase your risks of having ED.

2. Avoid fat and other high cholesterol foods

Fat deposits can clog up your arteries, leading to slower blood flow to the brain and the penis, thus increasing your chances of getting ED.

To solve your erection problem with natural herbs……

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